What's exactly SKU/Resources at APS Connect

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    Hello APS Experts,

    Our company is new to ODIN and we are using APS connect to develop our connector. We need to add the SKU/Resources at the model section. Usually the SKU means a suite of products we are selling such as "Office 365 Backup" and "Exchange Online Backup". Right now, we are selling those cloud services licensed based on user counts. However it seems that the SKU in APS connect is not this traditional meaning of SKU, should we have Users at resources there? Such as this screen shot:
    [​IMG] https://www.dropbox.com/s/ywosmk8al6qv8lk/APSConnectResources.png?dl=0
    Or should be it a SKU such as "Office 365 Backup" and "Exchange Online Backup" at that screen?

    Thanks very much in advance for your insights. If you think another forum is better for us, please let me know.

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