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Discussion in 'PSA 2.0 'How do I' Questions' started by MrJohnBoy, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. MrJohnBoy

    MrJohnBoy Guest

    Hello All,

    I am trying to setup my own primary and secondary DNS servers on my Linux box.

    My setup is RedHat 7.1 and PSA 2.0

    I am using Coriolis Press's "Setting up A Linux Internet Server"

    problem is the book was written with RedHat 6.0 in mind so the directories are in somewhat different places,.

    has anybody configured a nameserver, both the primary and secondary on the same box,.. how hard is this,.

    any tips or advice on common pitfalls or mistakes?

    thank you

  2. JohnDingfors

    JohnDingfors Guest

    Hey John.

    Since you have PSa installed the most simple is just to use PSa build-in DNS-handling.

    Set up two domains like and with two individual IP's.

    Register those two nameservers at (or wherever you registrated your domain).

    Then go onto creating the DNS-templats under Server-settings in PSA and when that is done... well, it's done...

    Every time you create a new domain PSA will automaticly generate DNS xone-files for the domains, so you relly don't need to think about it at all...

    Also, i beilve there are posts in here already about setting up your DNS-servers, that might be more "decribing" then my post. Do a search and you shall find...

    // John
  3. MrJohnBoy

    MrJohnBoy Guest


    Hey JohnDingfors,

    Thank you,

    is it really that easy?

    I was a little concerned with "mucking around" with the named.conf file and rndc.conf files etc.. I wasn't sure if PSA would like my changes etc..

    I will try this,

    thank you very much

    john :cool: :cool:
  4. JohnDingfors

    JohnDingfors Guest

    Hey John, this is... John... Well =)

    PSA was made to do things more simple and I can't say that it doesn't. If you have installed PSA successfull you almost got a ready-to-go solution.

    You don't have to create or modify zone-files manually, everything can be handled via PSA.

    You really don't have to do anything outside the wasbased PSA-interface. It's all there. if you wan't to read on I beilve the PSA manual contains some DNS-related info, but I'm not sure. I like to try things out and don't like manuals.

    Anyway, Good luck, and it shouldn't be that hard. Just get started.

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