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    So a lot has happened in the last few months. I would like someone to comment on a couple things.

    Plesk - Went to (a division of parallels)
    Plesk Automation - Is being renamed Odin Automation Essentials went with Odin to Ingram.
    Odin Automation Standard - Sold to Ingram.

    What is the future of Plesk Automation? Should customer's and partners start jumping ship? Is Ingram only going to use the technology on their own cloud offerings or will they continue to sell the software to others?

    I recently bought Plesk Automation after evaluating it for 3 months, when I first started, the sales person in no uncertain terms said that Plesk Automations days were numbered and it was being merged into Odin Automation Standard and that within 3 to 6 months we would see a product that did everything Plesk Automation does with the added bonus of cloud offerings management and billing like Odin Automation has. Is this still happening?

    I know you guys don't like to comment on development roadmaps but the sales person had no problem commenting on it when he was trying to get me to purchase the license.

    A lot has happened in the last 2 months and some clarity would be VERY helpful.
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    So who owns PPA / Odin Automation Essentials now? Parallels / (swsoft), or Ingram? what ever happened to project "Phoenix"?
  6. ronan675

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    I have no inside info but to the best of my knowledge the following is true. Ingram purchased the entire Odin Service Automation portfolio from Parallels / Odin. This includes Plesk Automation, PBA-E, PBAS and all the other associated "Service Automation" products. Project "Phoenix" was a codename and I believe this will be launching with a final name of Odin Automation Essentials and it's essentially a continuation of the PPA product line with numerous new features and UI. Ingram now own and are developing this product. I believe Ingram also acquired a couple hundred Parallels staff along with the acquisition.

    Virtuozzo and Plesk are still separate products and are not owned by Ingram. Press release relating to a acquisition @
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    Thanks for your explanation. I don't quite understand - why did Parallels, who is still making and selling Plesk, sell their "Plesk Automation" platform? So now the Automation software for Plesk is not made by the same people who made Plesk? What incentive does Ingram have to continue developing PPA / Phoenix? We'll have to wait and see?

    So is there anyone actually using / still using PPA?
  8. JustinSoul

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    Hello everyone.

    Let me shed the light on your questions.

    Odin was acquired by Ingram Micro with all set of discussed products (including OBA-S, Plesk Automation, OSA , OSA billing). So now Plesk, Virtuozzo and Parallels (with their solutions for desktops) act as standalone companies.
    Plesk is being developed and supported by Plesk company.

    Plesk Automation is also being developed, by Odin Team (part of Ingram Micro).
    So, ronan675 is right.

    At the same time Odin is working on new product, called as `Odin Service Automation Essentials`. I can't say that it will be "next generation" of PA.
    I suggest to consider it as separate product.

    >So is there anyone actually using / still using PPA?

    Yes, of course :) And we are working to make PA better
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    Really... In spring 2015 I was told the opposite. :(
  10. TekWorks

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    Ok so... Odin Service Automation Essentials... New product. Plesk Automation... still used and actively developed...

    Does this mean there are new future major updates to Plesk Automation planned?

    Will there be a logical roadmap from Plesk Automation to Odin Service Automation Essentials?

    Also is there a rough time of completion on Odin Service Automation Essential? This month, this quarter End of Year, next year...?

    Thanks for the clarification by the way!
  11. telisp

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    I am also interested in the answers to the questions TekWorks asked.
    There are only minor changes listed in the road map.
    What about things like support for RHEL7 or let's encrypt?
    What about the other more than 100 ideas listed here?

    Please tell us what is going on!
    I feel like left out in the rain...
  12. TekWorks

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    So I think if you look at the following it will be clearer. Hopefully the Odin Team can clarify this a little. I believe PA will stay around and be developed as a stand-alone project. However, my understanding is that Odin Automation Essentials is going to come in 3 flavors. These are all geared for smaller projects, Hosting Providers, and provides a lower entry point. For those of you that have looked into Odin Automation Standard, it is quite a financial commitment, undertaking and a departure from traditional hosting. It is geared toward large brands who want to package the best SAAS offerings and still maintain control over the resale, subscription management and costs associated with partner and management programs for these myriad of SAAS programs. Think Charter or Verizon business offering Office 365 for Businesses, and online storage that is popular, well integrated, outsourced and all controlled within their own customer control panel. This is, I believe where Odin Automation Standard is trying to make its mark. Expensive and large scale...

    Odin Automation Essentials changes all that. It takes those concepts and opens them up to more versatile markets. Managed Service Providers who just want to resell and manage deployments of SAAS solutions can easily fit into the cloud reseller flavor of this product. Sounds like this will require little or no equipment for the MSP/reseller. Just signup, add customers, and managed your SAAS. Those who are interested in focusing on SAAS first, want to manage it from portals hosted on their own equipment and have the option to add hosted services around their central SAAS offerings will fit great into the cloud provider edition.

    The last one is really where I think the future of PA is. Odin Automation Essentials The Hosting Provider Edition. As I understand, this will take the standalone PA system that we all love from managing our hosted servers and offerings and bolt on SAAS management capabilities. The best example I can imagine right now is Email and Unified Communication offerings.

    We all know that the traditional SMTP/IMAP/POP offering is all but gone the way of the dinosaurs. First it has no good place in the multi-device world. IMAP is deplorable as a sync platform, support for open Sync standards on mail servers have mostly failed and we are left with second rate email services with bolt on "Active-Sync" emulators that never perform quite like exchange server. Let also remember that email security and spam scoring standards can be a moving target and much of our lives in the email management role have been spent keeping SPAM down for our users while staying off blacklists and making sure our servers keep the botnet's from taking over. My experience is that email server management (although peppered with many smooth lulls) is the most admin intensive task hosts have. BIG BIG hosts that we have worked with using mail gateway clusters are battling blacklists and have mostly resolved to provide "best effort" email hosting. The best solution for SPAM and blacklists seems to be service size and popularity. Those who are on large services don't get blacklisked and their users provide enough SPAM feedback to keep nearly all SPAM scored perfectly. I have long since advised most of our my serious email customers to switch to a large email service for the peace and functionality they seek. Google for Business and Office 365 are the 2 defacto solutions. Entire small countries are dedicated to uptime, keeping security high, black listing low, and SPAM systems running smooth with equipment and personnel as far as the eye could see. In today's landscape this is the responsible choice for most businesses. It leaves hosts out to dry though. We can either lie and say we can compete while offering "unlimited" mailboxes and larger than life storage sizes, etc. Gone are those days however when email accounts were the fodder of your gmail, hotmail, you local broadband provider and killer hosted solution. "Host your website here and unlimited email boxes are just the free perk you get with your solution!" Most hosts are starting to realize there is significant cost per user to offer email boxes to their users.

    Our solution to all of these problems seems to be Odin Automation Essentials Hosting Provider Edition. We can now adopt a pricing structure for our email services on a per user basis and offer Google Apps for Businesses or Office 365, RIGHT INSIDE OUR HOSTING CONTROL PANEL. Imagine provisioning a web site, SQL database, FTP Site, but instead of email being pushed out to one of your service nodes, it automatically asks Office 365 to create a domain and mark you as partner of record (for management purposes). You get 12% recurring revenue off the sale (6% in after the first year), and you have done nothing but provide a unified experience to your customer. Your customer can sign into plesk automation control panel and manage their website and create, delete, and edit mailboxes as if they were sitting right on your server. This of course is enhanced by offering things like online CRM, OneDrive or Dropbox online storage management, etc. These are all exciting, very popular SAAS offerings we have fought for years but can now embrace by unifying control and management under our wing.

    This edition is still not out, but when it is, I am ready, I will use the PA piece for the things we are GREAT at and offload and manage the things we can't compete or come close on, email is definitely one of those. I am excited. No one else is doing this and it is badly needed.

    Hope Odin delivers. Roadmap is starting to clear up. I have seen good movement and traction since Ingram bought them and even after Ingram was in turn purchased by another company. I remain optimistic. Keep up the good work guys.

    Check out the following page for a description:
  13. AndreasK

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    So is there anyone actually using / still using PPA? Yes a lot of them...
    Plesk Automation is also being developed: Yes? please so update it that we are possible to use plesk12.5

    Thanks ;)
  14. CraigLeary

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    User of PPA here, but I am not optimistic on the future of PPA right now. Plesk has always lagged behind other panels, but 12.5 really brought an improvement. Now that PPA has gone to odin and plesk stays with parallels I'm betting a lot of good features are never going to make it into PPA. PPA was always supposed to be the next generation of Hsphere and still is the only multi server panel I have found good enough for production. I suspect Odin Service Automation Essentials will be the focus now, which upon reviewing is not something the general target user of PPA is looking for. I hope I am wrong and PPA continues to be developed and maintained.
  15. AndreasK

    AndreasK Mega Poster

    No News here and no plans from ODIN? That´s bad!
    We finish our migration from expand and plesk 9.5 in round about two or three months and see that we will not be able to update it from 11.5 to 12.5 because using PPA.
    I think next step here will be watching for other infrastructure.
  16. Andy Goldschmidt

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    +1 - we need a roadmap please so we know where we are going.
  17. JustinSoul

    JustinSoul Odin Team


    We are working on the next major release of Odin Automation Essentials, code name “Eagle”.
    Approximate release time ~1Q 2017 (with features for Shared Hosting).

    It will support a stock version Plesk Panel 12.5 or newer as a service node for shared hosting services.

    Odin Automation Essentials also comes with:

    - Unified User Interface across all products and services

    - Fully integrated billing with online store

    - Domain registration SDK + plugins:

    o GoDaddy
    o eNom
    o OpenSRS
    o LogicBoxes
    o Nominet
    o RRProxy
    o OpenProvider
    o EPAG
    o InternetX
    o WebNic
    o MelbourneIT

    - Payment Processing SDK + plugins:
    o Authorize.Net
    o PayPal Standard
    o PayPal Express Checkout
    o 2CheckOut
    o WorldPay
    o Stripe
    o SagePay (Protx)
    o SEPA Direct Debit
    o eWay

    - VPS Hosting Module (supports both Containers and VMs)

    - SSL plugins
    o eNom
    o OpenSRS
    o The SSL Store

    We are also planning to arrange webinar for existing customers and provide more information about upcoming release.

    ***Current release of OA-E (codename "Phoenix") is already available for installation and described on our portal:

    Upgrade/Migration path for Plesk Automation 11.5 will be announced later.

    Plesk Automation 11.5 is still supported by Odin.
  18. Andy Goldschmidt

    Andy Goldschmidt Bit Poster

    Do you have an upgrade path for H-Sphere yet and if not, when will it be available ?
  19. JustinSoul

    JustinSoul Odin Team

    Answered in Private Message.
  20. JustinSoul

    JustinSoul Odin Team


    For everyone who is interested in Odin Automation Essentials and Plesk Automation / OBAS / H-Sphere roadmaps, I suggest to take part in upcoming Webinar "Introducing Odin Automation Essentials, cloud service automation simplified".

    Alex Goncharov, Sr Product Manager, will provide functionality overview and roadmap details. Andrey Andriatis, Program Manager, will present a live demo of the upcoming features such as Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting modules.

    Join this webinar to get a quick peek at Odin Automation Essentials Cloud Provider Edition and an update on upcoming editions including new features such as:
    • Shared hosting
    • VPS hosting
    • SSL certificates
    • SaaS modules
    • Migration manager

    There are two Webinar invitations for different timezones:

    1) Tuesday, October 25, 2016. 4pm PT / 7pm ET - Register Now!
    2) Wednesday, October 26, 2016. 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET - Register Now!
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