Parallels Business Automation 4.3 release announcement

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  1. vbatraev

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    Dear Parallels Partners,

    We are proud to announce the availability of the latest release of Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.3, which includes the following new product improvements:

    • Integration with Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA)
    • Centralized email / antivirus / antispam solution (Powered by PPA)
    • Centralized database solution (Powered by PPA)
    • Support for the latest Parallels Cloud Server 6
    • Support for MySQL 5.x
    Many other product improvements.

    With Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.3, you can:

    • Streamline your hosting infrastructure and dramatically extend its capabilities by deploying integrated Parallels Plesk Automation nodes.
    • Differentiate your offerings by launching new shared hosting services that include a centralized email/antivirus/anti-spam solution and a centralized database solution—all powered by Parallels Plesk Automation.
    • Boost your sales with enhanced, high-performance, high-availability VPS and VM services, all powered by Parallels Cloud Server 6. These services let you specify CPU limits in MHz, recreate a container, change to a different operating system, and update without rebooting using the yum utility. They also increase virtual machine limits up to 32 CPU cores, 128 GB of RAM, and 5 TB of virtual disk space.
    • Reduce support costs, both through a simplified EPP code retrieval function and through a new, unified user interface that gives your customers a consistent and seamless user experience across Parallels Automation, Parallels Plesk Automation, Parallels Plesk Panel, and PBAS.
    • Increase system performance and stability by upgrading your database to MySQL 5.x. PBAS also supports an external, dedicated, 64-bit MySQL 5.x.

    For more information, please refer to “Release Notesâ€.

    PBAS 4.3 can be downloaded from the Parallels Network web site.

    Please provide your feedback and suggestions at Parallels Business Automation Standard forum.
  2. scardus01

    scardus01 Kilo Poster

    Hi Victor,

    Is there any news regarding when we might see the new PBAS shop upgrade being made available?

  3. vbatraev

    vbatraev Odin Team

    Q1 2013.
    Beta available for download is expected in January.
  4. scardus01

    scardus01 Kilo Poster

    Thanks for the update, we look forward to seeing the results :)
  5. Polarde

    Polarde Guest

    me tooooooooooooo
  6. Jasongr

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