How to configure a Service Plan as an Opt-Out product to an existing Service Plan

Discussion in 'Customization & Integration Showcase and Discussion' started by ChamithDMS, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. ChamithDMS

    ChamithDMS Kilo Poster

    Please let me know, how to configure a service plan as default ticked additional product to an existing service plan in PBA. Finally user should see the additional service plan automatically added into cart when user tries buying the parent service plan.

    - Chamith
  2. FedorK

    FedorK Mega Poster

    In PBAS is not possible to sell several hosting plans at once (in one shoping cart).
    If your question releted to PBA-E please address it to Parallels support, this part of forum related to PBAS only.

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