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Discussion in 'PSA 2.5 'How Do I' Questions' started by vinzzz, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. vinzzz

    vinzzz Guest

    hi there...

    i have to find out what exactly happens i add a user.

    So which directory's are created, which files are editted/created...

    Pls help me, im stuck!
  2. Reyner

    Reyner Guest

    Do you mean a new user as new client? Or a user to access the server apart from plesk?
  3. vinzzz

    vinzzz Guest

    i mean a new client...

    i have to find out what directory's and files are created within PLESK becasuse im making a website in which i must automatically add users and webspace....but to do that, i have to know specifically what directory's and files are created, so the system stays consistent...

    u get it a little bit??
  4. vinzzz

    vinzzz Guest

    no one?
  5. vinzzz

    vinzzz Guest

    guess not :(

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