Deletion of Nominet domain name subscription in PBAS

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feature Requests' started by PhilP, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. PhilP

    PhilP Kilo Poster

    On deletion of Nominet domain name subscription in PBAS it is not necessary to terminate the domain name at the registrar.

    In the case where the domain name has transferred away to another host or has expired and is already deleted this creates and error at Nominet and they get errors generating in their logs.
  2. FedorK

    FedorK Mega Poster

    Deletion subscription always should delete domain if it possible and configure.

    In case of domain was transfered out PBAS should check domain and not try to delete several time. I file bug for this issue and we will plan it for fix in future versions.

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