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How to get JS runtime SDK

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  1. vaibhav

    vaibhav Bit Poster

    Hi there ,
    I am APS developer and new in APS development. I am trying to build the APS package and installed all the required tools along with php runtime from site. I have also downloaded the some sample packages from documeation of apsstandard. I found below code in html file require([ "aps/load", "aps/ready!" ], function(load){ load(["aps/PageContainer"], "aps-frame"); }); and aps.js in /aps/2/ui/runtime/client/aps/ in this location.
    Please let me know from where could i get this aps package library? so that i can see these options
    aps/MessageList, aps/Message, aps/PageContainer, aps/load, aps/ready!, aps/Button.
    reference js-module.png left hand side menu

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